Erik Öhrn Software developer, user experience designer, photographer

About me

With experience gathered from multiple tech work places, my years at Chalmers University of Technology, and several volunteering projects, I’m comfortable working with technology as well as the people it’s made for.



B.Sc. in Applied Information Technology and M.Sc in Interaction Design and Technologies from Chalmers University of Technology (civilingenjör). In addition to my studies I work in the growing startup scene of Gothenburg, which provides wonderful insights in the world of modern software development.


Professional experience in front-end languages as well as frameworks such as Vue.


Proficiency in Java development and knowledge of Ruby on Rails, MySQL and more.

User experience

Education in user experience design, with the ability to convert design to code.


Having been a part of several photo committees during my studies, I love getting out there with a camera in hand. I prefer outside portraits at beautiful locations, but I'm no stranger to corporate portraits or nature photography.